A pilot health intervention study of children with CHD
December 3, 2019

2015 – A pilot health intervention study of children with congenital heart defects: CHAMPS – Children’s Healthy- Heart Activity Monitoring Program in Saskatchewan

In 2015, the first research project involving the Mending Little Hearts Fund was launched. Researchers looked at measures of bone health, body composition, cardiovascular health (heart rate, vessel health, exercise capacity), physical activity, physical literacy and mental wellness in children with congenital heart disease.

Healthy, typically developing children of similar age were also recruited for this study, and results were compared to children with CHD. Children with CHD who participated in the chronic disease management program (CHAMPS camp), physical activity was assessed during and after camp, and focus groups were conducted to assess family satisfaction.


  1. To explore the body composition, cardiovascular and mental health of children with congenital heart defects
  2. To assess the feasibility of a short-term chronic disease management program for children with congenital heart defects by assessing participant satisfaction and exploring physical activity behaviour before and after the chronic disease management program.

Various sub studies have been conducted since 2015, focusing on similar objectives. Results and conclusions from some of these studies are attached.

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