Feature Supporter: Sherri Sand
February 2, 2021

Giving back: About Sherri Sand & Seren Co. Jewelry

February is heart month, and what better time to highlight a very special supporter of the Mending Little Hearts Fund of Saskatchewan. 

In March of 2017, Sherri Sand was faced with a life-changing situation. Her 2 year old son, Weston, needed open heart surgery to fix a small hole in the lower chamber of his heart. To cope with the anxiety, stress and worst-case scenarios running through her mind, she poured her heart into crafting beautiful bracelets. In June, Weston, Sherri, and her husband Evan travelled to Edmonton for surgery. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and Weston recovered well. Sherri chose to share the bracelets and stories of other brave heart heroes by selling them – donating 100% of the profit to the Mending Little Hearts Fund. Seren Co. Jewelry was born, helping children get a chance at life and giving brave mothers hope that everything is going to be serene. Heart hero Weston is now 5 years old and doing well – only needing a check-up every 2-3 years.  

“Bracelets are small gifts with a big message. You aren’t just buying a bracelet, you’re giving a child a chance at life.”

heart family

Seren Co. Jewelry: over $23 000 raised to date!!

Sherri now crafts earrings, wristlet keychains, and bracelets named after heart heroes in Saskatchewan. To date, Seren Co. Jewelry has raised an astounding $23 000 for the Mending Little Hearts Fund!! An incredible gift of paying it forward to other heart families in need. Donations have been used to purchase medical equipment for Pediatric Cardiology, fund CHAMPS camp programs, and sponsor a tree at Treeternity Memorial Forest for children who have lost their brave heart battle. 

THANK YOU SHERRI for all you have done for heart families in Saskatchewan!! We continue to be humbled by your generous support – we are forever grateful! If you would like to purchase one of Sherri’s handmade creations, visit the Seren Co. Jewelry website or Facebook page. 

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Looking for other ways to support heart families in Saskatchewan? Visit our Support for Heart Families page, or DONATE TODAY!