Mission Statement

The Little Hearts Family Group supports families in the province emotionally with peer support and mentorship, helps to raise awareness, shares information and advocates for quality care of children with acquired or congenital heart conditions in our province. The Family Group does not deal with the financial needs of families or the Pediatric Cardiology department.

The Mending Hearts Fund of Saskatchewan picks up this piece of the puzzle by raising funds to support pediatric cardiology and families in the province.

Purpose and Goals

Little Hearts Family Group is made up of parents and families of children with acquired or congenital heart disease.

The purpose of the group is to offer peer to peer support to families that have children with acquired or congenital heart disease. We are here to answer questions and discuss what to expect when traveling to Edmonton for surgery or what may lay ahead for you and your family in the future. We are parents going through the same thing as you are and are here to talk.

Another component of the group is our collective voice. We work with Pediatric Cardiology, the Mending Little Hearts Fund of Saskatchewan, the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Western Canadian Children’s Heart Network and more.

Stories of Hope


Stories of Hope is a collection of stories from Saskatchewan families who have faced their worst nightmares and have come through the other side! To see their stories, simply choose which Defect you would like to see stories about.





General Resources


  • Zip Line by David Humpherys
  • The Big-Hearted Book by Nicholas Allan
  • Born with a Broken Heart by Rick and Annette Gallegos
  • Jeremiah the CHD Aware Bear and Friends by Philip Wolf
  • Patch the Brave Hearted Lion by Natalie Halls-Jones and Karen Horsell
  • Charlie the Courageous by Joslynn Jarrett-Skelton